Pilates Socks

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“Fantastic service! My order was dispatched and delivered very quickly. The socks are fab!”
Danielle, Suffolk

Washing and Care

The last thing you want when buying a new item of clothing is to discover it has complicated and time-consuming washing requirements. For this reason, our products are carefully selected for quality and convenience.

Every product will come with its own washing and care label. But as a general rule, all of our pilates socks can be washed on any standard 30 or 40 degree cycle and tumble dried on a moderate heat.

Because our socks are often manufactured from a mixture of cotton and man-made elastic fibres some shrinkage can occur at higher heats - so always read the label!

Be Eco-Friendly!

We think most 30 degree cycles are perfectly adequate for socks. And of course, the best way to dry clothes is hung outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

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