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“Fantastic service! My order was dispatched and delivered very quickly. The socks are fab!”
Danielle, Suffolk

Multi-Pack Pilates Socks Now Available - Buy 2 Pairs and Save

Multi-Pack Pilates Socks Now Available - Buy 2 Pairs and Save

Since launching our store in January we've been delighted to receive orders from around the country. Many of the orders have been for single pairs of socks, but almost an equal number have been for multiple pairs.

Because our postage costs are cheaper when we send 2 pairs together, we've decided to make 2 pair sets available to buy via our website. You're able to choose which colours you'd like - either 2 the same, or 2 different colours. Each 2 pack of socks is £1 cheaper than buying two pairs independently, so you'll save money if you choose to buy these products

We've also given these 2 packs of socks their own product category, so you view them all here:


We've got more plans for the coming weeks, but we're happy to take things slowly so we'll make more announcements when things are ready!

Once again we'd like to say a big 'thank you' to all of our customers to date - we really hope you've been happy with your purchases and we'd love to hear any feedback you might have.

Jack and Julian

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